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Interior and Exterior Painting

With 3 decades of painting experience, Braybrook & Sons can professionally tackle any painting job. We specialise in interior and exterior projects on any surface, offering a full start to finish experience providing a high quality finish every time.

Colour Consultancy & Paint Finish Recommendations

Let us use our years of experience to create a colour scheme for your home or business. If you find choosing colours to be quite a difficult task let our experts consult you to provide a professional colour consultation assuring you our experts will get the job right the first time.

Wallpapering & Removal

Wall coverings offer a different atmosphere and environment which may be exactly what you are after. We offer quality installation of all types of wall coverings for residential and commercial projects. Providing a full service also professionally remove old wall coverings.

Staining, Oiling & Polishing

Protect and rejuvenate your timber. We can apply a comprehensive range of stains, varnishes, clear finishes, oil, paints and polishes for the preservation and beautification of timber around your home.

Roll On Texture Coating

We use a range of granular and non-granular, high build, water based acrylic texture coatings, designed for fast and efficient application, providing protection and style for masonry substrates. Various texture profiles (dependent on product grade and roller selection) are designed to deliver substrate hiding power and feature texture appeal.
Roll On Textures are specified for either their distinctive texture style or where the substrate is not fully leveled requiring additional coverage & hiding power.

Decorative Painting Effects

If you are tired of the your old boring walls or you just want to add a feature to a room, decorative paint is the answer. Decorative paint comes in a wide range of colours and features to add just a little (or a lot) of bling. Decorative paint comes in a great range of textures and reflective qualities.Decorative Paint Types

Metallic paint – This paint comes in a good range of colours and has small reflective metal particles in it to creative the effect. It is best painted in a crisscross pattern or dragged in different directions to bring out the effect.

Pearl effect – Pearl effect paint has pearl particles and brings a soft shine to the paint. Beautiful for a feature wall in a lounge room.

Suede – Suede effect paint is a high build paint that has a rougher and thicker texture to give the effect of soft suede leather. This paint comes in a range of colours and is great for feature walls.

Ongoing Maintenance Painting Programs

Even a properly applied coating can’t last forever. Climate extremes, the unpredictable nature of old paint and uncorrected or undetected building flaws such as leaky gutters, clogged drain tiles and damaged wood, will determine what maintenance is needed. Just as a car’s effective life can be prolonged by wise and regular preventative maintenance, so can the life of a properly chosen and properly applied coating system.Braybrook & Sons preventive maintenance program adds years to a paint job’s life by finding and correcting problem areas before they have a chance to grow.

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